Travel is an integral part of our lives and and certainly for the MY Label women. The thriving travel industry post Covid-19 lockdowns shows how travel is a priority for many of us. But have you ever considered green hotels while planning or booking for a vacation? Most likely, the answer is 'no'. Perhaps, this beautiful resort can inspire you to seriously consider green hotels for your next trip?

Kizikula is tucked away in the southern part of Zanzibar, it only has 9 rooms and at its fullest capacity can host only 18 people. I chose Kizikula because I hate tourist traps. I chose Kizikula because I needed to switch off and disconnect, I chose Kizikula because I love a well designed hotel and Kizikula is definitely one and even deserving an Architectural Digest love letter. Most of all, I chose Kizikula for it's ethical and mindful outlook towards being entirely self-sufficient and adopting an impressive permaculture farm in an area that once was rocks and coral. 

Built by two Dubai-based friends as a retirement home - a little too prematurely - and then converted into a boutique hotel. Mindfulness is practiced at Kizikula in many forms. For instance, during the construction of the hotel, they made sure that they hired local talents like Franko Göhse who along with landscape architect Andy Hamilton designed the cascading green landscape of the hotel. Mindful of not changing the landscape, the hotel remains largely hidden and even the salmon hued stones on the patios are from local quarries. The hotel is also mindful of the friends that the owners originally planned to host, naming each room after a friend and reflecting their personalities in the room’s unique décor.

Unsurprisingly, Kizikula is plastic free and even their gym equipment is made from concrete and iron. Their menu changes every day based on what has been freshly plucked from the garden which grew breadfruit, pomegranate, bananas, okra, chilies, mint leaves and so on. We stayed in the room called “Maitha” and on our way to our room, we would see passion fruit, guavas and so on gleefully hanging from its trees waiting to be ripe.


Kizikula was the detox my mind and soul needed. I took in every second like a fish to water. I watched every sunset instead of my phone and counted stars instead of calories. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that I lounged around in one of MY Label creations and named it after Kizikula. We also shot this beautiful co-ord around the beautiful boutique. This set is one that I love to wear for it brings back sweet memories of that little boutique hotel in the middle of an unknown sleepy village.

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