Hi, I'm Madonna - founder and dreamer at MY Label.

Like most women, I spent a majority of my twenties shopping for clothes from high-street stores that were cheap, accessible and fun. It came to a point where I would be donating boxes and boxes of items without missing a single thing. I soon realised that I needed to take inventory of my consumerism.

It's easy to get swept up in the consumption of things. It's not so easy to grow out of and learn that you can do better. I quit the corporate world after running the rat race for almost a decade to take things slow, focus on mindfulness and to take responsibility for my choices.

MY Label was born out of my desire to create change. In my own small way. The brand is built on a powerful community of talented and resourceful women, who came in hordes to extend their support and help me realise my dreams.

I want women to love their clothes, cherish them forever as they evolve into better versions of themselves. I hope you love MY Label as much as I do. And I hope to continue creating pieces that honour you. One small step at a time.


Each MY Label piece is named after women who have inspired Madonna to be the vivacious and entrepreneurial woman she is. From Crystal to Pooja, Natasha to Ari, each dress pays homage to their namesake and is Yumnam’s little gesture of appreciation towards their contribution in her life. Every MY Label creation also depicts a smidge of its namesake’s personality. The “Crystal” dress, for instance, is the epitome of grace and practicality—qualities Madonna most associates with her sister. Check out each of our pieces here to learn the story behind their names in more detail.


The choice of fabric has been made with intention and care whilst considering the impact our activities have on the environment. All MY Label clothing is made from natural, biodegradable fabrics such as linen and certified organic cotton, with no part of the fabric going to waste. We also proudly rescue deadstock fabrics to turn them into ethereal comfort collections you’ll love for years to come.


To support homegrown UAE businesses and nurture the local economy, a majority of MY Label fashion is produced at a female-led production facility within the country. In addition to ensuring each stakeholder works in a safe environment, we’re committed to compensating each of our local artisans fairly for their time and skills.


To minimise waste created by the fashion industry, all our products are manufactured in small batches. By doing so, we’re working towards becoming a climate-positive business while also understanding market demand for specific MY Label styles. We believe in sustainability beyond materialism in all our activities, and our pre-order model allows us to make only what we can sell, ultimately reducing stockpiling of inventory. No mass production guarantees a bespoke product and unique customer experience every time!


To stay true to our climate-positive, minimal waste philosophy, all our packaging and its elements are biodegradable and can easily be repurposed and recycled when you’re ready to dispose of them. We encourage all our customers to embrace the MY Label way of life and do their bit to help reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.